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Sonia is excellent at her work, I truly appreciate her services on my wedding day, I loved how makeup and hair turned out for myself and everyone else... So grateful.

Michelle N

Sonia!!!! So sorry!!! Ive been waiting to get my pictures back and just got them! Heres the link. Feel free to use whatever ones your like!!😊😊😊😊thank you again for making us all look soooo beautiful!!! You guys did an amazing job! 😍😘 

Dr. vahali


Sonia is awesome, I loved her work I was the star at my function everybody loved it and I got a 100% of comments, it is all because of her which means a lot to me. She did such a fabulous job.



Sonia is very professional and punctual, I am super satisfied to have this great opportunity to use her professional services ♥️

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